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   look back at the beginning of the heart xibaipo memorable year carts Profile Jun

   look back at the beginning of the heart Xibaipo Xibaipo Memorial trolley memorable year with a collection of small wooden single wheel cart, its greatest treasures, it is the CPC led the Chinese revolution and the victory of the "magic weapon" It is to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream indispensable "magic.".Small carts used during the Liberation War.Xibaipo Memorial wonders of the world taken in small carts this is an ordinary farmers labor productivity tools, but in the liberation war, its role on the battlefield was the people on its head.Huaihai Campaign, 5.43 million of frontline workers provide support to 600,000 Peoples Liberation Army, that is, every one PLA soldier behind on the battlefield, there are nine support his frontline workers.It was reported that supporting the front ranks, the size of the vehicle is 88 million, 20 stretcher.60000, 30 Tiaozi.50000, more than 8000 boats, livestock 76.70000, raise food 9.6 billion kilograms, rush to do military shoes of millions of pairs of transporting 300 million tons of ammunition, wounded more than 120 000 transfer.It is in such a great power of the people, the Huaihai Campaign, which lasted 66 days, the KMT army wiped 55.More than 50,000 people.Chen Yi admitted that "the Huaihai Campaign, is the people with a small introduction to the cart."Stalin once said:" 6080 Maxell million, which is not only a miracle of Chinese Revolutionary War history, is a miracle in the history of world war!"Peoples Liberation Army women working towards frontline military shoes.Xibaipo Memorial remake of the great power of popular support people, war has always been the key to victory.The story behind the trolley, is the liberation of the Chinese Communist Party leadership conforms to the mind of the masses, the hearts of the people who in the world.The people like water, boat capsize.For the sake of the masses fundamentally, everything for the masses, and the masses of the same fate, in order to win the peoples support and support for the revolutionary war.Weili small carts carrying people, is the fundamental guarantee for victory of the Huaihai Campaign, is the fundamental guarantee to the revolutionary cause of the Party leadership victorious.Backpack frontline workers used.Remake of Xibaipo Memorial March 23, 2049, the CPC Central Committee from xibaipo usually leave for the north, Mao Zedong said: "Today is Beijing exam Well.Beijing exam to go, how the spirit of good work ah?"Zhou Enlai also said:" We should be able to pass the exam, do not return to."Mao Zedong said:" failed to return opinions.We never when Li Zicheng, we all want a good test results."General Secretary said that the Chinese Communists can not fight, founding of New China has been described; Chinese Communists can not engage in construction and development, promote the reform and opening up has also been explained; however, can not be in an increasingly complex international and domestic environment under hold on the partys leadership, adhere to and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics, but also generations of Chinese Communists continue to answer.Times have given a new exam.The face of "a hundred years No big change in the situation," our "exam" to succeed it?How can we succeed?The answer is still the emphasis on the power of "little cart" of.Trolleys people, prehistoric bears force.Only the beginning of the heart do not forget, we continue to meet peoples yearning for a better life, our "exam" to succeed.

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