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  Cottage Chopin Piano Competition organizers are not supported by the record four institutions were not involved Cottage "Chopin Piano Competition," the organizers of the competition claim that the record does not support unit has four universities, have all been denied; regular "Chopin Youth Competition" The only official authority for the Central Conservatory of Music in 2020 Chopin International Youth Piano Contest Open site in Guangxi.Respondents courtesy of a piano competition - "2020 International Chopin Youth Piano Open," the registration work unfold around.Reporter survey found that the race organizers are not record "cottage organization", the organizers claimed that no one involved in the matter of four support institutions such as the Central Conservatory of Music, is listed as "consultants" are also well-known pianist Professor Zhou Guangren denied involvement in the matter.Authorities suggested that the public if there is an illegal organization of social activities cues, can be reported to the civil authorities.Beijing News News "2020 International Chopin Youth Piano Open" from the beginning of May this year, the National Organization for registration, according to online public information display, the tournament organizers, supporters were the first not small.Recently, the reporter found that the race organizers are not record "cottage organization", claiming that the organizers of the Central Conservatory of Music 4 support institutions involved in the matter without a.There are a contestant Division said the commission recommended 100 yuan, according to Zhejiang Division publicly display registration notice, competition is divided into group child care, childrens groups, youth groups and youth groups ages 4, object entries explicitly "various national arts institutions Kindergarten, Youth Palace, mass art, youth culture and arts training institutions and community arts organizations can take part in the competition."A as Shaanxi Art Talent Network micro letter public enrollment numbers released this game in Shaanxi Division.Its called this game "known as the Olympic keyboard."Reporter from the Shaanxi game of contact for enrollment.The teacher answered the phone told reporters, Shaanxi game time is July 20 to July 21, to complete the registration before the 15th of this month.In addition, there are still some problems to attract Division participating students to give some of the rebate.A Registration Division staff told reporters, registration will give some piano training institutions of the commission, each recommend a student entered the competition, commission 100 yuan.Organizers did not record as "cottage organizations" This contest is organized regular units do?Shaanxi Division registration notice display, the organizers of this competition is the China Youth Association for Culture and Art Society and Chinese piano two units.Reporters at the official website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Administration of social organization, no query to the registration information of the two units.No record in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to establish whether the offshore community it?According to the "foreign NGO Administration Law of Peoples Republic of China territory," the foreign non-governmental organizations to carry out activities in the territory of China, set up representative offices shall be registered in accordance with law; unregistered establishment of a representative office needed a temporary activity in the territory of China, it shall put on record.In the Ministry of Public Security of overseas NGO work service platform, no inquiry into the record information and event registration information of the temporary agency.Reporters in the registration notice different division of this competition found in Shaanxi Division is not the same, registration notice trials of Beijing, Tianjin and Zhejiang Division, claimed the organizers of this competition is "American Culture and Arts Foundation Chopin".But outside the Ministry of Public Security NGO work service platform, did not show any legitimate information "Chopin American Culture and Arts Foundation," the.Central Conservatory of Music etc. means "knowledge." In addition to the organizers, the race also cited four universities for their "support unit", namely the Central Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music, Beijing Normal University, Central University for Nationalities.Guangxi Contest information also shows that the "China University of Nationalities" Participation.Chinese arts tournament gateway for a detailed introduction to the game.Reporter to verify the above-mentioned four universities, colleges no one said they supported or participated in the tournament.Beijing Normal University Department of Music and Media Arts YUE said that not only did not participate in college, and some online music game screenshots also show that Beijing Normal University to support the game, but not Beijing Normal University School of Music.Piano Department Central University for Nationalities Cuijin Lan told reporters that he and the school are unaware of and will never participate in such competitions.Central Conservatory of Music and China Conservatory of Music staff members also have expressed their "knowledge.".■ Tip Ministry of Civil Affairs related sites can verify Mami authorities suggest that the public is to understand a social organization, "Li Kui" or "Li Gui", organized by Ministry of Civil Affairs Social Administration official website "Chinese social organizations network" Click "National Social organization information query" query.In addition, the public if there is illegal activity clue society organizations, can be reported to the civil authorities.Log in Chinese society organization network "complaints" column, submit relevant evidence online.■ survey 1 game in the end who do?Organizers are "cottage organization", support units and without the knowledge of the game in the end who do?Reporters in the registration notice throughout the game found the game Secretary-General Peng Yu Shu, vice president of identity for the China Youth Culture Art Exchange Association, and co-organizer showed the "Xin Yi Chu of International Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.".Xin Yi Chu of the companys business registration information is displayed, the address for the company, Haidian District, West grassland No. 85742 One layer 5, the legal representative called "Peng Zhiying", the current status of belonging to commence operations.The reporter called the telephone company, will ask each other why the Central Conservatory of Music as a support unit.The first lady answered the phone said there was no the Central Conservatory of Music as a support unit.Then he corrected himself and said: "We do not need who need support, we do not publicize who we even wrote Central Conservatory of Music is to support the unit, it will be because we will use their site, to help promote it."When the reporter further asked about the situation of the game, only the woman said:" We are doing everything reasonable, not reasonable we will cancel immediately, we will not do unreasonable things."Then hung up the phone.Whether the game with the four universities about 2?Really, as she said, the game uses the site Central Conservatory of Music do?In fact, around the time the race venue in the notice are different.Such as Shaanxi Division informed that the game time for the "Year 20 207 13 - July 14", the venue for the "Xian Conservatory of Music.".Reporters yesterday Consulting Division of Shaanxi Enrollment teacher said, playing time for the July 20 to 21, competition will take place in Xian Silk Road Arts Theater.Beijing, Tianjin and show trials of the venue as "Renmin University of China" registration notification, China finals venue for the show "Hot Spring Leisure City Beijing International Culture and Art Exhibition Center".None of these Division and the Central Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music, Beijing Normal University, Central University for Nationalities related to competition.The game various promotional materials, the Central Conservatory of Music will also be a tenured professor, former dean Zhou Guangren piano as "Open consultants".Professor Zhou Guangren currently has over 90 years of age, whether to participate in this tournament support?Reporter to verify their children, they said: "no matter."The investigation shows Organizers Shaanxi Division on relevant pages were not for the record.His daughter Chen Lin said there was no such thing, Zhou Guangren now everything must contact the brother of Chen job.Subsequently, the reporter Youxiang Chen Zhou Guangren son of inquiry, Chanda said on this matter, some time ago it has been Central Conservatory of Music Admin Office staff to contact him to verify over.Chanda said: "For health reasons, Chou from September last year to stop all social activities."■ doubts regular Shaw Championship to be eligible Poland Authorized Dr. Central Conservatory of Music, associate professor of Beijing Normal University Department of Music segment Zhao Xu told reporters, Poland Warsaw Chopin International Piano Competition, International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow, the United States Van Clay international piano competition, Leeds international piano competition, the Queen Elisabeth of Belgium international piano competition is recognized as the top five international piano competitions."These games are for professional piano players prepared for the amount of track athletes need to play is equivalent to several solo concerts."Section Zhao Xu said, Chopin amateur game so far held only three mid-2009, 2012 and 2015."Whether amateur or professional group, if it is a regular game, can be found at its official website abroad."Section Zhao Xu introduced, sometimes these international contest organizers will authorize other countries and regions held its named youth piano competitions in the country, the only Polish Chopin International Piano Competition officially licensed game is the Central Conservatory of Music organized by the Chopin Youth Competition, this is the second session.Beijing News reporter Wu

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