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  China will build a national health science resource library to strengthen the supervision of health education China National Health Board of Health spokesman, propaganda Secretary Song Shuli said in Beijing on the 16th, to improve the health literacy of citizens, will establish and improve national, provincial and two national health science and health science expert database resources library, and to strengthen the guidance and supervision of health education content.Data Figure: National health committee shadow.China news agency reporters Gu Tianyong and She Zhongguo State Council recently issued "State Council on the implementation of health China Action", issued at the national level "Health China Action", designed to guide the next ten years of disease prevention and health from the national level to promote related work.Song Shuli in 16 healthy Chinese action interpretation conference that health literacy, health literacy is to improve one of the people most fundamental level, most economical and most effective measure.2017 Annual monitoring of health literacy levels of residents showed that the national average is 14.20% of Chinese health action goals set, 2022 and 2030, the national health literacy level is of not less than 22% and 30%.According to reports, China will establish and improve national and provincial health science library experts in health and science activities; establish and improve a national health science resource library, publishing, selection, referral group of health science books and materials science.It will also build a full media release and health science knowledge dissemination mechanism, strengthen the guidance and supervision of health education content, relying on the expertise, strengthen auditing and supervision of television, newspapers and health section health care advertising, new media and the Internet platform health science information monitoring, evaluation and reporting.To legally ordered rectification in accordance with regulations for health information platform more problems appear until shutting down.For science is strong, the effect of good health information dissemination, be promoted.For spread wide, large public health hazard false information, organize experts to be clarified and corrected.

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