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  Xinjiang area continue to promote the first comprehensive geological survey 5 According to the news Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Land Resources Bureau: 2020, carried out by the Geological Survey organized by the Center of Xian "Alar - Tumushuke - Yuxi comprehensive geological survey" project funds invested 9.81 million yuan to carry out Kun-yu City comprehensive geological survey work.Xian Geological Survey Geological Survey as an authoritative institution directly under the China Geological Survey Bureau, is responsible for the basic northwest, public geological survey work.Xinjiang Bureau of Land and Resources, China Geological Survey Coordination for Xian Geological Survey of Xinjiang Corps support, help, efforts to solve the southern Xinjiang city development planning and industrial layout, major infrastructure construction, water shortages, environmental protection geology needs work, Xian geological survey in mid-2017 arrangements for the "Alar - Tumushuke - Yuxi comprehensive geological survey" project.The project 2017 to 2020 has been completed Arar, Tumushuke comprehensive geological survey work in 2020 to carry out comprehensive geological survey work Yuxi City.It is reported that in 2020, Kun-yu shi comprehensive geological survey field work time to conduct research in 2020 from June to December mainly for internal administrative range of Yuxi City, groundwater resources, land resources, engineering geological conditions and major environmental geological problems in two hundred twenty-four group, 47 regiment conduct hydrogeology, engineering geology, environmental geology, land quality and geochemical investigations involving field line geological survey, drilling and water, soil and plant samples collected.It is understood that "Xinjiang Alar - Tumushuke - Yuxi comprehensive geological survey" carried out by the Geological Survey of Xian organized two project, is the first to carry out a comprehensive geological survey work in the area of Xinjiang, to fill the Xinjiang comprehensive geological survey one blank.Implementation of the project not only provides Arar, Tumushuke urban development plans based on the geology, geological data also provides agricultural area for agricultural development characteristics, and training professionals for geological Xinjiang played an active role.

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