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  Civil Aviation Authority to prohibit the sale of tickets tying the default behavior to protect passengers the right to know Civil Aviation Authority website 11 issued a notice on the "public air transport passenger service regulations" for public comment."Provisions" that appeared in ticket sales for the current Internet, "tying" and other irregularities, "provides" clear specifications require the carrier and aviation sales agents prevent the default behavior of tying to protect the right to information and independent travelers select from encroachment.Data for: Taiyuan Wusu Airport, about to take off an airliner is being pulled to the runway.China news agency reporters Zhang Yunshe and Ju Liaojie, to further regulate the domestic and international passengers, baggage transport order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers, in summary passenger transport services and protect the rights of consumers to experience in recent years, based on the Civil Aviation Authority on the "China Civil "unified amendments, introduced the" air passengers, baggage domestic transportation rules "and" Chinese civil aviation passengers, baggage transport rules of public international passenger air transport services regulations "."Requirement" in terms of content revisions mainly reflected in the following four aspects: First, determine decentralization, regulatory thinking discharge tube combination.In the revision process, to implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council on decentralization, put the tube in conjunction with the overall requirements of the market mechanism into full play the decisive role of the existing regulations too small for the carrier service, the provisions of pipes too dead to give greater and adjusting the magnitude of the cut."Provides" no direct provision ticket is valid and its calculation, fare payment, various forms of ticket sales, baggage size, weight, free baggage allowance, excess baggage, checked baggage declared value surcharge rate standard , transportation and other small animals belong to specific criteria within the scope of the carriers own decisions, are full delegation of authority to the carrier, the carrier decide its business activities according to their own conditions above.Second, a clear focus on consumer protection regulation.Current regulations enacted in early stages of development of civil aviation, air transport to a larger space on the processes detailed provisions from the reservation, ticketing, and took the opportunity to other sectors back Meal.Currently, the focus of attention is no longer transport processes, but to protect the interests of consumers.Therefore, the choice of each transport links in the carrier and consumers in the revised prone node disputes, focusing regulate them.Ticket sales."Regulations" removed the existing regulations Chapter reservation, streamline, merge chapter ticket, the fare Chapter IV, Chapter V of tickets for the content of the revised Chapter II "ticket sales".Among them, the new carrier and other aspects of the sales and purchase obligation for passenger transport service information, and the right to know the full protection of the legitimate interests of passengers.For the "tying" and other irregularities, the provisions in this specification expressly prohibited sales agents and air carriers tying the default behavior of requirements to protect the right to know and the right to choose passengers are not currently present in the Internet ticket sales invasion.In addition, this revision also obligations concerning passengers to adjust, delete the existing regulatory requirements concerning the condition of the passenger ticket sites, documents, etc., reflect the carrier, responsibilities and obligations of aviation sales agents focused regulations, reduce passenger duty provision.Ticket change and refund terms.Ticket changes and refunds are more passenger complaints of the problem, this revision and key specifications."Ticket change" and "bounced" into one section, adjust the structure of the existing regulatory provisions, and make it perfect for the contents according to transport practice key issues, the unified regulations change and refund requirements in each case principled.For the current outstanding problems, "provides that" clearly requires aviation ticket sales agents are not allowed to change the provisions of the carriers back Meal, to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of travelers.Fly aspects.Added responsibilities and obligations of airport authorities, including the relevant provisions of the service support facilities and equipment, the merchant terminal management system and labeling guidelines.Terms of the carrier refused to transport a further refinement, change and increase ticket refund provisions after refuse to carry, easy to operate according to the provisions carrier.At the same time, simplifying the passenger missed the flight happen, take the wrong and take the relevant provisions of the leak, according to the carrier to distinguish the causes and reasons for non-carriers.The carrier also added a provision to develop emergency response plans for passenger sudden illness, in order to protect the interests of consumers.Overbooking aspects.Given the current domestic and international airline overbooking is common market behavior, and the passengers of overbooking aspect concerns and complaints will be more, so the new consumer protection to be clear when they appear overbooking, when the provisions of the disposal of overbooking In principle, the obligation to inform explanation, compensation and refund principles, to ensure maximum protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.Inform aspects of information.This revision of the scope of autonomy for the contents of the contract, according to the carrier transport decentralization practice free to agree in their overall transport conditions, the revised regulations of the carrier on the development of its overall condition of transportation, the need to clear the content, and so made the announcement clearly stipulates that the total development of relevant conditions require the carrier transport and public, in order to fulfill the obligation.Third, to adapt to the needs of the new regulatory situation and new problems and new contradictions."Rule" applies body includes domestic carriers, airport authorities, aviation sales agents, sales agents aviation network platform operators and corporate aviation information.In addition, foreign carriers, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of the carrier, its flight originating location or stopping place within the territory of Peoples Republic of China, but also the application of this provision.Fourth, to ensure the operability of regulations and supervision.In order to be able to effectively ground the new rules, so that market players had expected the law, regulatory law enforcement evidence-based, "provides" a chapter dedicated to increase the "information report" on the development of the overall condition of the carrier transport, announced the filing of the development and publication of proposed related requirements.At the same time, an increase of Chapter IX "Supervision" and Chapter 10, "legal responsibility", supervision and inspection powers industry management, market players illegal punishment of a clear and specific provisions to ensure that new regulations operability and enforcement.

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