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  Latest Poll: More than half a term Dutt Technology Innovation high net satisfaction Philippines Social Weather Stations released on the 8th poll showed net satisfaction Philippine President Dutt Technologys surge when more than half of its term of office to a record high, eight Filipinos expressed satisfaction with his work.Data for: Philippine President Walter Dutt.China news agency reporters Guan Xiang and Dong She SWS on June 22 to 26, in the Philippines of 1200 adults nationwide conducted face to face survey.According to the survey, 80% of adults show from the Philippines Mindanao leaders are satisfied with the first in the country.SWS analysis pointed out that the second quarter Filipino presidents overall satisfaction increased by one percentage point from 79% in March 2020 poll, the overall dissatisfaction fell by 1 percentage point from 13%.Therefore, the net satisfaction of the President of the quarter Dutt Stewart 68, was named SWS "very good", creating the highest record Dutt Stewart polls satisfaction over his 6 March 2020 and 2017 May earned net satisfaction "very good" record of 66.Dutt Stewart in March 2045 was born in Mae Xin City, Leyte Province, Philippines, lawyer, was the largest city in the southern Philippines Mindanao Davao mayor for 25 years.2016 Philippine presidential elections, Dutt Stewart to win total 16,601,997 votes, the votes of 39%.June 30 that year, Dutt Stewart was sworn in to become the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

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