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  German June unemployment chain went down German Federal Labor Office data released on the 1st, after seasonal adjustment, the number of unemployed in Germany in June chain went down, but fell below market expectations.Statistics show that the seasonally adjusted number of unemployed in Germany in June to 228.10,000, a decrease of about 1,000 people; the unemployment rate is 5 month.0%, unchanged from last month.However, the number of vacancies in June 79.80000, down by 8000.President of the German Federal Labor Office Detlef Scheele said that Germanys economic development has brought a slight impact on the weak labor market.Although the number of job vacancies remained at a high level, but the number fell mean weakening demand, employment growth "is losing momentum.".In the first quarter of this year, German gross domestic product grew by only 0 chain.4%.From the second half of 2020, the German economy downward pressure increased significantly in the third quarter last year, the German economy to shrink the chain 0.2%, fourth quarter growth ring nil.

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