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  The new round of heavy rain caused 33 million people were affected Poyang Lake in Jiangxi Province this year, No. 1 Flood in Since the 12th, a new round of heavy rain hit Jiangxi.The evening of 13 reporters from Jiangxi Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters was informed that heavy rainfall has caused the provinces 33 million people were affected.Day 13:12 rose water Poyang Lake Station 20.52 m, higher than the warning level, marked "2020, No. 1 Lake flood" form.In recent days, northern Jiangxi drop heavy rain, local heavy rainfall.At 8:00 on the 12th to 13th 8, the province 1569 County station 59 over 50 mm of rainfall, the area enveloped 5.570,000 km2; 29 398 County station more than 100 mm of rainfall, the area enveloped 1.680,000 square kilometers.By the continuing rainfall and runoff impact of the Yangtze River, Poyang Lake and Five Rivers Tail across the board is still in the warning status.13:12 May Poyang Lake water level rose to 20.52 m, the warning level 0.02 m, the corresponding flow of 25,100 cubic meters / second, reached the number of flood standard, "Poyang Lake in 2020 No. 1 Flood" form.8:13 May 20 Lake water level stars.08 meters over warning 1.08 m, compared with yesterday rose 0.27 m, 2 higher than the same period the mean years.28 meters.Lakes area of 3610 square kilometers through the river body, the volume of 23 billion cubic meters, an increase of more than 9 yesterday.6.4 billion cubic meters.July 13 morning, Jiangxi Province, Nanchang, and more serious waterlogging, many vehicles pass through the water adventure area.Wang Jianshe according to the current long period of high water level of Poyang Lake may, the situation greatly increased risk of danger, on the 13th, Jiangxi Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters held a pre-flood troops will be deployed, the mobilization of the armed forces, in Jiang Xinzhou, cotton boat Island Jiangxinzhou two preset troops, ready at any time to do flood relief.According to the country report the statistics, as of 13 May 13, beginning 12 pm floods cause 33 million people in 20 counties in Jiangxi affected, with direct economic losses of 2.900 million yuan.WASHINGTON correspondent on the 13th from Jiangxi Province Department of Culture and Tourism informed that due to the long duration of the rainfall, cumulative rainfall large, medium and small rivers floods, flash floods, large risks of geological disasters, and rural and urban waterlogging.From the date of the Wolong Valley, Shimenshan Canyon, five Longyuan rafting, cave spirit, the source of the Middle Kingdom, the Gulf of Yao, Li Hang, Xi Park, Wang mouth, dawn, dream home, think of the river extension of the village and other 12 scenic spots, as well as other tourist attractions wading project implementation temporarily closed.According to meteorological and hydrological department forecast in the next three days, north-central Jiangxi Province, heavy rain to heavy rain, locally heavy rain, the accumulated rainfall in the north of Jiangxi Gan 60?150 mm, 200 mm or more partial.

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