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  2020 Matsu (Meizhou Island) Womens Half Marathon started running in the hometown of Mazu Meizhou Island Mazu Womens Half Marathon cum New Year cross-strait youths first run was held on the 1st Meizhou Island in Putian, Fujian, running friends from across the Taiwan Strait, around the world, nearly 5,000 people gathered in the Island, bathed together in the joy of blessing Matsu to start running.The event on sportswear elements into Matsu clothing, unique.Nguyen Peoples Congress Chairman Lin Chunsheng photo Putian City, Putian Municipal Committee of CPC, propaganda minister Wu Guifang, vice mayor of Putian City, Hui-Qian, deputy mayor of Putian Municipal Peoples Government, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Chen Feng, Fujian Province Athletics Cycling Deputy Director of management Center Liangxue Ren attended the event.After fierce competition, the final Chinese athlete Wu Xuanxia 1 hour 17 minutes 31 seconds to win the tournament championship event, Ethiopian athletes Arado Ai Hu-Tesfa and China Taiwan players Sufeng Ting won the runner-up, second runner-up.There are more than 30 players participating from Taiwan.Taiwan finished third player Sufeng Ting said she several times to the mainland to the Island for the first time, players compete with the continents very happy, designed along the route along the coast is very beautiful, and elsewhere hope to exchange players, common progress.There are more than 30 players from Taiwan to the island competition.Taiwanese players won third place Sufeng Ting.Lin Chunsheng photo According to reports, this is the first meeting of the Island half-marathon event, the Mazu culture, Meizhou female culture, sports and culture combined in one, with strong local characteristics, meet the contemporary female healthy lifestyle, positive and healthy running culture, the spirit of Matsu love, morality, good works into the tournament among.Meizhou woman hair and clothing unique, "bun sail, needle as ingots, cable lines," Meizhou female hair accessories in each has a unique meaning in the hands of Meizhou female relatives of sea fishing voyage and a safe return of good wishes.The event on sportswear elements into Matsu clothing, unique.The medal design is also very Meizhou Island local characteristics, navy blue color, the overall design combines Matsu and rudder, symbolizing peace and prosperity, easy, safe and healthy.The booming popularity of tournament.Lin Chunsheng taken during the event in addition there are a series of New Year blessing ceremony, "electronic music Third Prince" show, mimicry, cross-strait youth were planted with forest is willing to other activities.In the afternoon, contestants from Taiwan came to the lake stone Guo, together with the local youth, a common species of the same below willing forests, ignited the compatriots on both sides the same root, concentric with the willing.In the water of the Mekong, Chau at sea.Meizhou Island is the "sea goddess of peace" Mazus birthplace, birthplace of Mazu Mazu culture and secular left, the admiration of the world more than three hundred million of pilgrimage.At the same time, there is also blessed with coastal scenery, melting sea, Sands, Greenwood, Haiyan, rocks, in one of the temples, is a national tourist resort, National Scenic Area.Mazu culture is the spiritual bond connecting compatriots on both sides of the current year to the Island of Taiwan compatriots more than 300,000 people, Meizhou Island has become one of the largest parts of the continent to attract compatriots most intensive, access to the "cross-strait exchanges base", " China Overseas international cultural Exchange base "and so on.In recent years, Meizhou Island to explore in all respects to deepen exchanges with Taiwan folk path, people on both sides to facilitate exchanges to build a channel to promote cross-strait civilian exchanges.Wu Xuanxia 1 hour 17 minutes 31 seconds to win the tournament championship event, Ethiopia Ai Hu Allah multi-Tesfa and China Taiwan players Sufeng Ting won the runner-up, second runner-up.Lin Chunsheng photo The event is organized by the Chinese Athletic Association, Putian City Sports Bureau, Meizhou Island National Tourism Resort Zone.Activities include half run and a healthy run in two ways, a total of nearly 5,000 players Ireland, Kenya, Colombia, Ethiopia, Russia, Algeria, Palestine, Kazakhstan and other countries participated in the event.

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