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  "Moving and stability is maintained can get rich," the relocation of the people live a new life [] New Year to go grass roots "moving and stability is maintained can get rich," the relocation of the people live a new life in Shaanxi International Online reports: ex situ poverty alleviation relocation of villagers out of the mountains, live in the building, into a community of residents.New identity, under the new environment, how to move the masses, "stability is maintained, can get rich" is the follow-up of ex situ poverty alleviation relocation big test.Recently, following the 2020 Ankang City, Shaanxi Province and the Chinese New Year to go grass roots media network activity pace, an international online channels into the Shaanxi Ann Kang Shiquan County town Xiyuan community pool, explore the local experience to write easily poverty removal "Half an article," the a closer look at the relocation of the masses of new life.Town community pool Xiyuan corner of photography Feng Yan Xiyuan community pool is a new town relocation communities, covers an area of 220 acres, a total investment of 2.5.6 billion yuan.Up to now, the communities affected families a total of 1548 placed a total of 5845 people, all this is a move from the mountains immigrants, where two-thirds of the villagers pool Town household, as well as many from outside towns and other counties.Town Pool Xiyuan Community Party secretary Lu Takatoshi introduced the first impression of the relevant circumstances Photography Feng Yan Xiyuan community media journalists to leave the community is clean and tidy environment, improving infrastructure.Xiyuan Community Party secretary Lu Takatoshi description: "The larger the community, after the relocation of the masses to stay, how to help residents develop good habits, to create a civilized community became the first challenges before us."Xiyuan communities seize new customs building, set up a community party branch, to play a leading role in party building and set up picket folk, old age child care, etiquette weddings and funerals, to create a civilized community, community building safe five community volunteer service teams, helping home, continue to promote civilized community building.When the town pool Xiyuan community volunteer service teams deliver care to residents of Feng Yan Photography journalists visited the media, community Xiyuan Womens Federation President Li Zhongnan and community volunteers are a way for the flood was an elderly cleaning.Hung Road was in a wheelchair, pointing to the volunteers excitedly said: "This year, the size of things to help me too many friends."Li Zhongnan said in an interview:" This long-term sick old couple, a wheelchair, a has been confined to bed, their son and outside year round workers, the Spring Festival to come back once daily lives of the elderly rely on long-term community volunteer service teams.To help them clean up, accompanied chat, their life will live some heat."Xiyuan town pool toy factory in the community for photography Feng Yan three left-behind problem, Xiyuan community opened a community mutual happiness hospital to provide activities for the elderly; to build a child development park, set up the second for the left-behind children" home "; the same time, the introduction of the construction of the plush toy factory, garment factories, electronics factory three factories community to address the community and nearby residents, especially the employment of women left behind.Located in Westfield community benefits Shiquan County Shiquan County Mao Toys Co., Ltd. is to introduce the project, officially started in December 2020, the production of plush toys sold far to Europe and America.General manager of the companys money Yilong said: "We have about 150 employees who are residents in the vicinity, the monthly salary 2000-2500 yuan per person, hard work and the door will be able to obtain employment, work ethic workers are high."The community Xiyuan Yang said in an interview in the future:" Before I was at home with a child, the child started school last year, I came here to work, at home downstairs, not only to take care of the family, but also to make money to support their family really good."

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