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  22 bursts of new shares A shares hit new "Golden Week" July 22 the first batch of 25 companies will be listed Kechuang plate 22 bursts of new shares A shares hit new "Golden Week" is worth noting that, before the first batch of companies listed on the IPO also entered the final stage.Under the arrangement, A shares this week, the company plans to issue a total of 22, of which there are 21 companies Kechuang board.Rally new owners, it is undoubtedly a "Golden Week".Guangzhou Daily News July 22, the first Kechuang board listed companies will ring the bell, the expected effect of the money made many new investors are hard to beat in the ballot regrets.However, according to exchange arrangements, this week, A shares will have 22 issued by the Company, conducted online and offline purchase.The size of a share in the history of very rare.Of these, 21 companies Kechuang Board Company.According to the latest data, the current market Kechuang board company appears issued a "three high" signs of high valuation, the issue prices and the raised funds, etc..However, some analysts believe that, as a market-based issue Kechuang board "three high" can not be sustained.Of the initial listing Kechuang board stock, non-retail investors should not blindly sign in to participate.Shares "three high" reproduction reporter combing the Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosure of data, as of July 7 Reporter press time, has accepted the offering and listing application submitted by 142 companies, the status "accepted" there are 23, "has Inquirer" There 87 companies have submitted registration 6.The company has already completed registration of 25, 25 companies also listed on the first board Kechuang company is expected to raise funds 325.600 million yuan.Exchange data show that as of July 5 A-share closing, the Shanghai-listed companys average valuation of 13.98 times the average price-earnings ratio of 24 in Shenzhen.05 times, even if the GEM, the current average price-earnings ratio is only 40.97 times.But Kechuang plate of the first companies, the price-earnings ratio of more than 40 a few times, and even some companies to issue valuation of nearly 80 times, and accompanied by signs of raised.Some investors believe Kechuang board issued the first batch of corporate valuations are too high, bring some risks may give market, regulators will not rule out the guiding hand."If you look at the data, recently published issue price of Kechuang board company does have a three highs signs, especially the high price-earnings ratio."A professional investor told reporters.Retail participation need to be cautious early trading, however, under the eye, Kechuang board by playing the new investors favor.The new play early, the success is not as difficult to imagine low, the technology can be issued online Hang the preliminary success rate of 0.03,896,349%.Issued purchase of four companies an average success rate of 0.058%, the lowest day-Technology success rate is 0.055%; Rui Chong Winner success rate of up to 0.0603%.But with the probability Branch board to fight the expansion of the new team, the success rate is still large downside future.This also means that, in the context of high valuation issue, the primary market being difficult to cool the fiery scene, will lay the secondary market risk, "the probability is very high initial equity fired".

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