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  Renmin University of China Division of Basic Education, Education Research Center inaugurated Renmin University of China 11, announced the establishment of Basic Education, Basic Education Research Center.Renmin University of China president Liu Wei said that the current rapid development of national education, basic education is also facing a series of new issues and new tasks.Basic Education Renmin University of China Research Center of educational establishment, for the integration of the schools discipline and talent force, gathered high school basic education resources, build an open, build, share of basic education research platform to explore development model and talent of basic education training law has important realistic significance and far-reaching historical significance.Renmin University of China Division of Basic Education, Education Research Center held an opening ceremony July 11.Photo courtesy of the organizers of Basic Education as the school functional departments directly under the charge of schools, kindergartens and contact management, fulfillment coordination, coordination, management, supervision and other duties, including overall planning and direction of development and development strategies, school behavior, cooperation pre-school behavior and conduct of checks, conduct policy research, analysis and research study survey, mobilize resources and coordinate all forces to run basic education.Basic Education Research Center include: Lide tree people research, research education system, school education research, family education, research, culture and education research, the development of research programs, classroom teaching and research, development studies teacher education development in the poor district, STEAM + artificial intelligence research education, research and foreign education, the future of education research.Secretary, Ministry of Education, teachers work either Friends group, said the high level and comprehensive university involved in teachers education has important practical basis for hope Division of Basic Education Renmin University of China Research Center Taking Advantage of education and personnel training advantages humanities and social sciences play an NPC the advantages of teaching middle school, school to the NPCs Education, teacher Education professional development to explore the road of school characteristics consistent with a high level comprehensive university, high starting point, interdisciplinary.Beijing Municipal Education Commission deputy inspector Fenghong Rong Biao Shi, Peoples University and its Fuyou, Elementary School, High School in universal basic education, modernization and equalized three have achieved fruitful results, while adhering to Lide tree people, to promote the training model reform, promote international exchanges and cooperation and other aspects of a lot of useful exploration.Division of Basic Education, Renmin University of China, established the basic research center of education, innovation is a system and mechanism on the basis of education management comprehensive university.Assistant president of Renmin University of China, Director of Basic Education Zhai Xiaoning said that international competition in the final analysis is the talent competition, talent competition in the final analysis is the competition of education, basic education at the Zhongxiao You will implement integrated management towards unity beacon proceeds formed cohesion.

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