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  2019 China cracked telecommunications fraud network of 200,000 and arrested 16 suspects.30,000 (Reporter Xiong Feng) reporter learned from the Ministry of Public Security, 2020, the national telecommunications network fraud cases were uncovered 200,000 cases, arrested 16 suspects.30,000, an increase of 52 respectively.7% 123.3% incidence number fell 3.1%.Chinas public security organs give full play to the role of the main force, further change the concept of thinking, integration of resources means, mechanism of innovation, together with relevant departments to establish mechanisms for clues to quickly check off, relying on large data quickly discovered dens of crime, public security organs involved in directing designated eradication, were destroyed domestic fraud dens 5126, 16 suspects were arrested.30000.To maximize restore economic losses of the victims of the masses, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Public Security net letter, the letter and other departments as well as Internet companies, the establishment of a large number of early-warning systems to intercept, in the promotion of "96110" anti-fraud line, rising to proactively identify and discourage early warning ability to push early warning clues to a total of around 1.7 million, to dissuade the victim 101.60,000 people, direct economic losses of 56.100 million yuan.According to the inter-ministerial joint conference division of tasks, each of the departments to introduce measures to promote the source of governance telecommunications fraud network.Cases of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate jointly issued "on the handling of illegal use of information networks, cybercrime and other information to help criminal case law applicable to a number of issues of interpretation" and the relevant typical case, efforts to solve the telecommunications network to handle fraud jurisdiction, evidentiary standards application of law and other problems; the Ministry of governance organized campaign against mobile phone "black card" special action, check the source, channel break, loopholes, cumulative Feng Ting suspected fraud involving phone number 470 000.Fraud against regional outstanding issues, the State Department Office of the Co-focused interviews with 13 key areas of the main party responsible comrades, organize six working groups in key areas ongoing normalization of supervision.With the deepening of special operations, telecommunications networks continue to improve fraud prevention propaganda system, national anti-fraud anti-fraud continued strong social atmosphere.Ministry of Public Security jointly with the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Information Office network, the State Administration of Radio, Ministry of Education and other departments for many years to carry out "anti-fraud centralized Awareness Month," "Around the integrity of the building," "guardian of youth" theme publicity and education activities, leveraging the Internet business and social media platforms, for the high incidence of fraud type, release authority to prevent a reminder, to create a strong atmosphere of national anti-fraud.Ministry of Public Security official said, will continue this year to carry out special operations to combat governance, adhere to fight, prevent, control, control, declared to proceed with the multi-pronged approach, further compaction of various departments main responsibility, responsibility to build a clear, complete system, science specifications, run effective anti-governance system, promote the formation of joint management, comprehensive management work pattern, efforts to enhance the combat capability of governance, and resolutely curb the momentum of high incidence of multiple telecommunications networks of new crimes.

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